Looking for small bathroom ideas that will make the space seem larger than life? The lack of square footage, limited natural light, and number of fixtures to squeeze in make a small bathroom one of the more challenging spaces to decorate. But when done right, the whole room can seem brighter and more spacious. And no, you won’t have to spend a zillion dollars to carve a window into the wall (or call on something retro like glass bricks).

These small bathroom ideas go beyond making the most of the available space and prove that bold design elements can be right at home in even the tiniest rooms. Here are the best ways to turn powder rooms, half-baths, and just little tiny (sometimes windowless) bathrooms into less cramped, more enjoyable situations. Your small bath may just be your next favorite room.

A bathroom is a room meant for personal hygiene, but many people also use it for catching up on their reading, checking a glimpse of themselves or simply relaxing. It is a very private and intimate space that should accommodate all the needs of the users. Bathrooms have endless design potential with numerous configurations of materials, colours, shapes, enclosures, lights, fixtures that can help us create an attractive, warm and dynamic room.